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The Backyard Golf Association (BGA) is the recognized governing body for home based recreational golf courses and tournaments in the U.S. These courses and tournaments typically use restricted flight balls played in a celebratory atmosphere.

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USGA Notice to Manufacturers

As many are aware, the Two other major golf govering bodies (USGA, R&A) published on March 14,2023, a "Notice to Manufacturers" on the topics of limited ball flight and bifurcation. The notice, found buried Deep in the USGA Website, is a lengthy discourse including much irrelevant data (127mph swing speeds, 2200 rpms and 11 degree active launch angles, etc.) but not much common sense

At the BGA we are proud to say we have been ahead of, and have already resolved these issues.

The essence of the issue is that most golf courses have nowhere to grow and with the increased distance of today's players it has fundamentally changed the nature of the game. In addition, as environmental stewards, larger courses mean more chemicals, water, and other environmental harms.

One answer championed many years ago by Jack Nicklaus was to have limited ball flight to keep the hundreds of courses that could host PGA and US Open championships in play instead of the 20 or so that can be used today.

The barrier was in order to maintain the health of the game, no one wanted to reduce the distance of the recreational player. Which brought the idea of bifurcation - meaning (horrors!) that Pro's and recreational players might PLAY WITH DIFFERENT EQUIPMENT! Oh no! News flash to the USGA and R&A - Pros already do play with better equipment including balls.

Here at the BGA, our members play tournaments with limited flight balls and have been doing so since its inception. And not a single player has complained. Ever! Perhaps the other 2 bodies might like to take some other pointers from the BGA!

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